Team rankings are used to determine which team deserves to be called “Number 1.” This is necessary because with over 120 teams it is impossible for every team to play each other. in my Rankings a teams ranks is not the same as a team’s place. Two teams can be in the same place if they have the same win and loss record. For instance, two teams that have played 10 games and won all of them, would still both be in first place, however, a team is given a higher rank if they have played (teams with better places) harder teams.

My College Football Team Ranking System

I have created a college football ranking system by programming a spreadsheet on my computer using statistical methods. Basically, I record all of the ending scores of each college football game and input them into my formulas to determine the team rankings at the end of each week.

My team rankings are not biased toward any team or conference. Only teams listed in the FBS (Division I Football) are ranked.

My ranking system looks at win/loss percentages while taking into account strength of schedule and many other factors. When I say “place,” I am referring to the position a team is in according to winning percentage.

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